Important Lunch account information

Important Lunch account information
Posted on 01/18/2018
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Hello Parents from the Nutrition Services Department.

Beginning last fall, CCSD#1 Nutrition Services Department began a new system of informing parents about your child's lunch account. This new system is to remind parents that their child's account was below five dollars in the account and to please send money to replenish the account. lf the student's account falls below zero, it would also remind parents the child's lunch account fell into the negative. This change was to eliminate reminder notes being sent home with the child and save the district money. Often these notes would get misplaced and forgotten and these accounts would become seriously in the negative balance. If the child's lunch account stays above five dollars, the parent will NOT be contacted.

The school district's hot lunch program is an enterprise fund, which requires that it be se lf-funded. Negative balances put undue strain on the school district's finances, and make it difficult to keep our lunch and breakfast prices affordable.

Reminder, positive and negative lunch balances in your child's lunch account do carry over from one school year to the next. So if your child hasn't eaten this year and you are not sure of how much is in their account, give us a call at 358-4158 and we can look it up.

To better help you stay informed, over Christmas break, we were able to sync the school district Power School system with our NutriKids cashiering software program. This provides us with all of the latest contact information or sources that you have provided your child's school.

These lunch account reminders will now be able to give you specific account information about your child's lunch account (child's name, child's school, and balance). If your child's account is at five dollars, you will receive a friendly reminder that your child's account is close to going negative and to please send money. If your child's account is at zero or a negative balance, the notification reminder will go out to all contact information you have provided the school (email, text message, cell phone, home phone, work phone). These reminders will go out every Wednesday if your child's account is in one of these two categories. If your child's lunch account remains above five dollars, parents will NOT get a reminder notification. If you should receive a reminder notification message and have questions about your child's account, please contact the main kitchen office number at 358-4158 and visit with Nicole Ricks or Kristy Ortega . They would be happy to help!

You can also sign up on the FREE website called This site allows you to check your child's lunch account and any transactions at any time, so you can keep track of any and all activity on their account without having to contact us. NOTE ... You will need your child's #ID number to create an account. You can also use this account to make deposits, however the company does charge a processing fee. If you would like more information about please call 358-4158; we can walk you through the process.

IMPORTANT---If you choose to block these messages, you will no longer receive any emergency messages from the school or the district (school closures, schoollockdowns, bus schedule changes, etc.).

Free and Reduced Lunch

If you think your family may qualify for free or reduced lunches, please contact CCSD#1 Central Administration at 358-2942 to answer any questions you may have about an application and qualification process.

A question we hear a lot from parents is ... " My child is on free lunch, how can their account be in the negative?" There are ways that this can happen. If your child is bringing a lunch from home and taking an "ala cart" milk and not the full meal they are charged for that ala cart milk. If your child {High School only) takes seconds (example; two pieces of pizza instead of one) he/she will be charged for the additional piece of pizza. Again, by signing up for you will be able to see any and all transactions.

Last, as much as we would like for your child to eat with us, if you would rather not have your child eat hot lunch, we can assist you with that. All you would need to do is write us a note and drop it off at either your child's school secretary or the school lunch cashier. You need to request that your child not eat hot lunch with your signature, we will keep this note on file. We will create an "Alert" on our cashiering system. Our cashiers will then be alerted on their video screen of your request to flag any transaction if your child tries to eat hot lunch without your permission.

Like any computerized system serving 1500+ meals a day, mistakes can and do happen. If we work together on opening up the lines of communication, we should be able to resolve any problem.

At any time, if you have questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact me at 358-4231.


Monty Gilbreath
Recreation/Nutrition Services Director