May 2015 - Doug Horner

May 2015 - Doug Horner
Posted on 05/06/2015
Doug Horner

May 2015 - Doug Horner

Converse County School District #1 Transportation Department is proud to present Douglas Horner as our SPOTLIGHT EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH.

Doug has made his home in Douglas since 1984.  He has worked in a variety of occupations such as ranching, a police officer, post master, business entrepreneur and many positions within our school district.

Doug started substitute teaching for the district in 1985 and continued to do so until 2005. He was a member or our board of trustees for 7 years, a baseball coach and a volleyball referee for 27 years. Not to mention the countless hours as a bus driver. 

Doug started driving for the Douglas Bearcat baseball team in 2002 and then later began to substitute drive for our regular student routes. In 2013 Doug accepted a full time position as an activity driver. Since Doug became a driver for the district he has become certified in all aspects of transportation such as routes, physical disabilities, special needs, and all activities. 

Mr. Horner’s talents as a driver are just one of many. What really separates Doug from the rest is his ability to help others when there is a need, his caring personality, and his sense of humor when things go array.  Doug is always positive about taking assignments and completes them with enthusiasm. It is because of this type of dedication that has made him such an asset to our district.

Congratulations Doug, you deserve being our SPOTLIGHT EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH!