November 2014 - Jamie Kerns

November 2014 - Jamie Kerns
Posted on 11/11/2014
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November 2014 - Jamie Kerns

It is a privilege to write a letter of nomination for Jamie Kerns as the Spotlight Employee at Douglas Intermediate School. Ms. Kerns is an innovative and tireless educator. Her characteristics of dedication, compassion and empathy make her classroom a special place for students to risk and grow in their journey of learning.  Her ability to build relationships with students is beneficial when she is dealing with students with varied backgrounds.  She is masterful at creating a warm and supportive learning environment for her students, while incorporating humor and fun.

Ms. Kerns routinely displays masterful skills as a teacher.  She is able to recognize academic areas of struggle and address them with focused, direct instruction.  Students want to perform well for her.  The care she shows for her students is evident to students, staff and parents.  It is a pleasure to observe Ms. Kerns’ classroom because it is organized, focused, and fun.

Extended days and school years are the norm for Ms. Kerns who is passionate about her profession.  She has taught in our after school program for 5 years. Ms. Kerns also teaches in our summer school program.  Her expertise assists students who are behind their peers in academic performance.  

As a colleague, Jamie is a strong collaborator and brings fresh ideas to the team.  She has been a leader in our school transitioning to the Common Core.

Jamie Kerns is a dedicated, compassionate professional who represents educators, and education, very well.  She is an exemplary employee and outstanding educator.