January 2017 Employee Spotlight

January 2017 Employee Spotlight
Posted on 01/10/2017
Jessica Ewing

Douglas Middle School is proud to announce Jessica Ewing as the staff spotlight employee for January 2017.  Currently, Jessica is the 6th grade team leader and science teacher.  She has previously served as a media specialist and language arts teacher at DMS.  Not only has Jessica dedicated herself to professional learning, she has emerged as a leader within the building when working on identifying priority standards and building assessments that are consistent, accurate, meaningful, and supportive of learning.

When entering Jessica’s classroom, the level of engagement and classroom cohesion becomes extremely evident for her enthusiasm and passion for teaching is second to none.  Jessica works tremendously hard to ensure that each and every one of her students grows both academically and socially.  Jessica understands the importance of not only teaching her content to the students, but teaching them valuable life skills as well.  The level of trust that Jessica has built with her students allows learning to take place each and every day.  Jessica works diligently to create innovative learning activities that promote student collaboration through best practices. 

Furthermore, Jessica brings a positive energy each and every day when working with the staff and students at DMS.  She always places the interests and needs of her students and team members before her own.  Not only is Jessica a team player, she is extremely dedicated to mentoring new staff to ensure they are continually improving as educators.  Moreover, Jessica is exceptionally willing to help out wherever she is needed, whether it is staying late to reteach a standard or chaperone an activity. 

Lastly, Jessica is not only an asset to our school but also our district.  It is educators like Jessica that make the lives of our students better.  Jessica’s passion, dedication, and willingness to improve the level of learning within each of her students is much appreciated.  Thank you for always making the individual needs of your students and team members a top priority.  You truly make a difference!