November 2016 Employee Spotlight

November 2016 Employee Spotlight
Posted on 11/08/2016
Megan Forgey

I would like to introduce Megan Forgey as the Douglas Intermediate School Spotlight for 2016. Megan works tirelessly as a part of the 3rd grade teaching team.  She is a 5 year veteran of CCSD1. Megan displays the excellence and professionalism and is deserving of this award.

Her classroom is a high-functioning system. She sets high expectations for all students from the time they walk through her door each Fall.  A pleasant and kind demeanor creates a welcoming environment for students to feel comfortable.  The room is organized and efficient, and students know their expectations.  She pushes students to strive for their best in all work.  Her classroom management is an exemplar for other teachers on our campus.  When a student struggles, she is willing to reach out to seek the support and wisdom of her peers.

As a member of the 3rd grade Professional Learning Community Team, Megan has risen to the challenge of transforming our building culture.  She has worked with teammates to establish positive relationships that are focused on the highest level of student outcomes.  When she is in the team leader role, she moves the group forward and keeps the focus on the goals. Megan has developed her professional voice and leads by example in all she does.

Megan is an asset to the positive culture at Douglas Intermediate School.  She speaks in a positive manner with and about her colleagues.  Her focus on professionalism and dedication to teaching ensures that students in her classroom receive the best opportunity for learning. The influence of her professionalism has spread among the 3rd grade team and our entire school. Megan is a true example of excellence in education.

Please congratulate her as the DIS Spotlight Employee for 2016.