September 2016 - Becky Soske

September 2016 - Becky Soske
Posted on 09/13/2016
Becky Soske

Becky Soske is the CCSD #1 Spotlight Employee for September.  Over the last five years, Becky has brought a love of teaching to the Primary School that is contagious and extraordinary.  Mrs. Soske, also known as Mrs. S., has served a number of roles in this district from a parent, to a paraprofessional to a current kindergarten teacher.  This love of teaching is seen through her relationships with her students, her connections with parents and the amazing growth that occurs each year within the walls of her classroom.

 Students are not only exposed to regular academic areas with fidelity but they are given a gift of differentiation and support.  Becky plans individual lesson plans for each student to support all areas of need and enrichment each day.  She not only utilizes these lessons with the students at school but through technology extends them home for parents as well.  She fully understands the multitude of teachable areas that require attention and support daily.  Becky enriches each day with a strong focus on kindness, gratitude, service and appreciation of others; it is these lessons that allow students to develop both academic and social skills that take them far into their future.  Becky is always looking for ways to share these ideals with her classroom by volunteering within the community, organizing a community service project, or developing a campaign to show kindness to others.

Her cutting edge use of various teaching strategies, technology and pedagogy is an asset to others in the building.  She collaborates with other teachers and paraprofessionals on a regular basis, yet is always willing and eager to learn something new.  Becky has served as a representative on the DPS Leadership Team for three years due to her remarkable ideas and ability to lead others.

 Her dedication to student learning can be seen every evening and weekend as she preps and prepares her classroom, the sharing of ideas and strategies with other staff members, and not to mention the support she receives from parents and community members each and every year.  Becky believes that all students deserve the best education possible and she works countless hours to ensure every student grows and is prepared for the first grade.  I appreciate Becky setting her expectations high as it motivates other teachers and staff members to reach for the same high standards. 

It is with great honor and heart-felt thanks that I recognize Becky Soske for the September Spotlight Employee of the Month.  Thank you Becky for making our students a top priority, for helping all educators reach a high level of excellence and for making the difference each and every day within the lives of our students.